Topic outline

  • General

    Course Objectives

    Discover ARCHICAD 21 New Features

    • Stair Tool
    • Railing Tool
    • Visualization
    • OPEN BIM
    • and Productivity features

    Who should take this course?

    Everybody who would like to be updated

    about the ARCHICAD 21 New Features.





    About 1 hour

    Software Requirements

    ARCHICAD 21 International

    Download ARCHICAD

    General Information

    This course consists of 5 lessons. Please download the PDF. Scroll down to start the course or to choose an individual chapter. 

  • Stair Tool

    • Designing Stairs with ARCHICAD
    • Stair Constructions Overview
    • Creating Stairs using Various Design Methods
    • Editing the Stair Baseline and Boundaries
    • Introducing the Stair Edit Mode – Part 1
    • Introducing the Stair Edit Mode – Part 2
    • Introducing the Stair Edit Mode – Part 3
    • Stair Geometry and Positioning
    • Stair Rules and Standards
    • Stair Finish: Tread and Riser
    • Stair Structure: Monolithic, Beam, Cantilevered, Stringer
    • Stair Model View Options
    • Advanced Stair Customization
    • Stair Related Graphic Override Options

    • Railing Tool

      • Creating Associative Railings
      • Creating Railings with the Magic Wand
      • Creating Railings using Various Design Methods
      • Railing Construction Overview
      • Introducing the Railing Edit Mode – Part 1
      • Introducing the Railing Edit Mode – Part 2
      • Railing Editing: Nodes and Segments
      • Railing Pattern Editor
      • Railing Geometry and Positioning
      • Railing Floor Plan Display
      • Railing Model View Options
      • Visualization

        • Monochrome Model Visualization
        • Vectorial Rendering Engine Enhancements
        • Open GL Rendering Engine Enhancements
        • 3D Shading Modes and Backgrounds
        • CineRender: Light Mapping and GI Method
        • CineRender: Monochrome Model Display
        • CineRender: The Variation Shader
        • CineRender: The Parallax Shader
        • CineRender: The Thin Film Shader
        • CineRender: Reflectance Channel Enhancements
        • CineRender: Lens Distortion Enhancements
        • CineRender: Transparency Refraction Presets
        • CineRender: Ambient Occlusion
        • OPEN BIM

          • Hotlink IFC
          • Publishing IFC
          • IFC Import and Export Preferences
          • Create and Manage Custom Element Classification
          • Element Classifications and Properties in Hotlinks
          • Element Classifications: Labels, Window and Door Stamps, Zone Stamps Enhancements
          • Element Classification: IFC Conversions and Properties
          • Collision Detection in ARCHICAD 21 - Between Concrete and Steel Structural Elements
          • Collision Detection in ARCHICAD 21 - Between MEP Elements and the Architectural Model
          • Collision Detection in ARCHICAD 21 - Collision Detection: Safety of Escape Routes
          • Productivity

            • Touch Bar support for the Apple MacBook Pro
            • Multiply Dialogue Enhancements
            • Magic Wand Graphical Feedback Enhancements
            • Parameter Transfer Between Lines
            • Dashed Line Handling Improvements
            • Wall Centre Lines Dimension Improvements
            • Text Style Enhancements
            • Autotext Label Enhancements
            • Section and Elevation Depth Control and Editing Enhancements
            • New Section and Elevation Range Feature
            • Selective Parameter Transfer
            • Curtain Wall Enhancements
            • Library Enhancements
            • Skin List Label Object Improvements
            • Parallel Chords Object Improvements
            • Door and Window Enhancements
            • Element Transfer Settings
            • Bluebeam Connection