Topic outline

  • General

    Course Objectives

    • Mass modeling with morph
    • Editing morphs, solid element operations
    • Modifying morphs in section and elevation
    • Placing objects and applying surfaces to them
    • Visualization

    Who should take the course?

    Everybody who is new to ARCHICAD. The skill level of the course is





    About 45 minutes

    Software Requirements

    ARCHICAD 20 International

    Download ARCHICAD

    General Information

    This course consists of 6 lessons. Please download the example files and the ebook. Scroll down to start with the first video or to choose an individual chapter. Watch the videos and follow the step-by-step exercises in the downloaded example files with the help of the downloaded PDF.

  • Introduction

    • Mass Modeling with the Morph Tool

      • Editing Morphs, Solid Element Operations

        • Working in Sections/Elevations, Modifying Multiple Morphs

          • Placing Objects, Applying Surfaces

            • Visualization