ARCHICAD 21 - New Features

New Stair Tool

The all-new Stair Tool lets you create, design and efficiently document any typical or unique Stair, at any design scale. The Stair Tool focuses on an intuitive and flexible design process, with graphical input and editing. The Stair tool supports compliance with architectural regulations and with individual (e.g. structural or documentation) requirements. Stair structure and finish options reflect construction technology logic. Input is available on the Floor Plan and in the 3D window, using methods similar to polyline or wall input.

Creating Stairs using Various Design Methods 

The following video presents the design input methods and options you can use to create Stairs using ARCHICAD 21.


Editing the Stair Baseline and Boundaries

This video explains how to edit the Baseline and the Boundary of Stairs in ARCHICAD 21. ARCHICAD Stairs are generated based on a Baseline. When you select a Stair, you can see that its Baseline is marked with a thick polyline. 

Like the Curtain Wall, the Stair is a hierarchical element. The main Stair element consists of multiple sub‐elements, including treads, risers and support elements, such as beams, stringers, and monolithic or cantilevered structures.

The Edit Mode, familiar from Curtain Wall, has been expanded and made available for the Stair Tool, to enable easy configuration of sub‐elements.

Creating Stairs with the Magic Wand

This video shows you how to create Stairs using the Magic Wand in ARCHICAD 21. The intuitive Magic Wand tool can now also be used to create Stairs. When defining the Stair’s Baseline - in addition to the polygonal input method - it is also possible to use the Magic Wand to create the Stair’s Baseline based on the geometry of existing elements.

The New Stair Tool Logic

Stair sub-elements are GDL components, allowing for versatile geometry, but controlled by a common scheme. As of ARCHICAD 21, GDL components can also include Building Materials and/or Custom profiles.

A Stair consist of Segments (polyline), with Turnings between them. A Segment can be defined as Run, as Landing, or as one of two Winder segments. Choose among Turning Types: Automatic Landing and Winder types.

Advanced Stair Customization

The following video shows the advanced customization capabilities the new Stair Tool offers in ARCHICAD.