These training resources are created for students and ARCHICAD users with basic or beginner level of knowledge. Each course contains videos, pdf guides and quizzes.

ARCHICAD 21 – Step Up Your BIM

Innovation has been a key differentiator for ARCHICAD since the beginning. ARCHICAD 21 introduces the highly-anticipated Stair Tool, featuring GRAPHISOFT’s patent-pending Predictive Design™ technology. ARCHICAD 21 delivers a number of other, important functional improvements in the fields of visualization, OPEN BIM, performance and productivity making this version one of the strongest in GRAPHISOFT’s history.

  • language: English
  • e-book: 35 pages
  • videos: 30 min
  • time: 30-45 min
  • level: Basic

This volume introduces the fundamental concepts, techniques and key benefits of GRAPHISOFT's Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. The training will familiarize you with the interface and navigation as well as the modeling, documentation and publishing concepts of ARCHICAD.

  • language: English
  • e-book: 47 pages
  • videos: 20 min
  • time: 30-45 min
  • level: Basic

This volume demonstrates the rapid creation of a conceptual model from base geometries using the ARCHICAD Morph tool and its powerful features.

  • language: English
  • e-book: 425 pages
  • videos: 250 min
  • time: 8 hours
  • level: Intermediate

In this volume you can learn how to model a smaller commercial building and how to create project documentation, schedules and 3D visualisation.

  • language: English
  • e-book: 143 pages
  • videos: 70 minutes
  • time: 3 hours

The guide was developed for users with a basic understanding of Rhinoceros, Grasshopper and ARCHICAD, who are trying to gain a broader understanding of the possibilities offered by Algorithmic workflows.  

This training material was developed using the INT (English) version of ARCHICAD 20.